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    just a quick hi to tell you a little about myself im 6'6" , 18st and hung lika a mouse an enor one
    which wasn't quite the forcast made by the midwife who delivered me when she suggested to my mum that i should be named Justin (just in)
    up until recently i was working in a beauty salon as trainee until a young woman came in laid down on the couch
    and asked for a facial (boy did i get that wrong)
    tried MMA for a while but i think i picked the wrong animal fighting style instead of monkey,crane or tiger i went for
    worm which earned me the nickname piccasso as i spent more time on the canvas
    if i can leave you with one piece of advice it would be
    Never!! keep your preparation H next to your toothpaste, i did it once ended up using the wrong tube, and my gums shrank that much 4 teeth fell out
    well thats it see you anon
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    WTF did I just read?