David Crosby & Graham Nash - Wind On The Water 1975 (2021) [96kHz/24bit]

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    David Crosby & Graham Nash - Wind On The Water 1975 (2021) 96-24
    Country: USA
    Genre: Rock
    Format: FLAC (*tracks)
    Quality: Lossless [96 kHz/24 bit]
    Time: 40:55
    Full Size: 887.77 MB

    As two of the most distinctive artists from the '60s and '70s given their work in CSNY, Crosby & Nash also did great work as a duo act. Wind on the Water was released in 1975 after the previous year's CSNY reunion tour and the dissolution of their contract at Atlantic. In many respects, this alliance made perfect sense. When it was just the two of them, they were often more likable. Crosby wasn't as much of a blowhard and Nash became more pragmatic. Wind on the Water's virtues are apparent with the first song, the warm and pensive single "Carry Me." "Homeward Through the Haze," "Low Down Payment," and "Naked in the Rain" are gems that all but sum up their complicated harmonic and melodic style. Besides Crosby & Nash being on their game, the studio players here are impeccable. Lovers of '70s pop/rock will love to hear players like Danny Kortchmar and David Lindley effortlessly doing their identifiable riffs. James Taylor, Carole King, and Jackson Browne also showed up for these sessions, but do not intrude or overshadow Crosby & Nash. Without a doubt, despite the strong production, the stars of the show here are Crosby & Nash. The album concludes with "To the Last Whale...: Critical Mass/Wind on the Water." The song is not only a testament to the album's skill at making the complex seem effortless, but it also gets its point across without being mushy. Wind on the Water has an instant classic, lived-in sound and is a definite must-have.



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