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    I have been obsessed with this tracklist creator by YADG and it is so easy to use!!! When I upload and share my files on websites, I like my post to look neat so I usually include track lists and other basic information on my descriptions. In the past, I was typing manually one by one and it took me a while to post it...but now It only takes me less than 5 minutes to include all the track list on my uploads. [​IMG]


    This website takes the tracklist information to text and let's you copy and paste to you posts! So easy.
    Available database from iTunes, Deezer, Bandcamp, Google Play...etc

    It is recommended to make your own account so you can use some shortcuts such as default settings, create your own pre-set script.

    This is the template for my music upload for Sharemania if you wanna use them: template


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