MP3 Smokey Loco - My Time (2021)

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    Smokey Loco - My Time (2021)


    Genre: West Coast Hip-Hop, Chicano Rap
    Codec: mp3 (*.mp3)
    Rip: tracks
    Quality: 320 kbps
    Size: 145 Mb

    01. Bangin' in my Cortez
    02. Payed my Dues (feat. Dream nasty)
    03. Remember My Name
    04. Living Wrong
    05. We Ride (feat. YBE & Midget Loco)
    06. OutSide (feat. Kiki romero, King Captain, Cash Fraze & Stalker loco)
    07. My Time
    08. We Out Here (feat. Vee Loco)
    09. Been Doing This (feat. Stalker Loco)
    10. Since A Youngin'
    11. Southern California (feat. Mr.Sancho aka Estilo)
    12. Cali Boyz (feat. Bang Thoz)
    13. Stay Bangin' (feat. Bullet)
    14. California Cruiser (feat. P.Dubb)
    15. Angeles Del Infierno (feat. LILG213 & Mz Gatiz)

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