iTunes M4A Skygge - Hello World (composed with IA) [m4a rip]

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    “Hello World” is the first multi-artist music album composed with Artificial Intelligence. Its goal is to show that AI can be used to create new, compelling music, and not mere lab demos. The album is intended to become a landmark album in the history of technology and music creation.

    01 Ballad of the Shadow
    02 Sensitive (feat. C Duncan)
    03 One Note Samba (feat. The Pirouettes)
    04 Magic Man (feat. Mariama Jalloh)
    05 In the House of Poetry (feat. Kyrie Kristmanson)
    06 Cryyyy
    07 Hello Shadow (feat. Kiesza)
    08 Mafia Love (Oystershell)
    09 Paper Skin (feat. Jata)
    10 Multi Mega Fortune (feat. Michael Lovett)
    11 Valise (feat. The Pirouettes)
    12 Cake Woman (feat. Camille Bertault & Médéric Collignon)
    13 Whistle Theme (feat. Catastrophe)
    14 Je vais te manger (feat. Sarah Yu Zeebroeke & Laurent Bardainne)
    15 Cold Song

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