(REQ) Backstage with Fanny Hamlin - Go Your Own Way (Podcast of MQ)

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    I'm currently looking for the higher quality version of the behind the scenes music video including a track cover of Fanny Hamlin - Go Your Own Way on an MP3 or FLAC audio file. I would like to share with you guys the Play blog on what I've found which was posted back from December 12, 2007.

    Backstage with Fanny Hamlin

    I have received yet another email from a Play fan, TayTay, about Faye and her song/video for MQ Clothing Company. Check out the info below!

    Hi, I am a fan of PLAY. I'm e-mailing you to let you know more info on Fanny Hamlin's song: Go Your Own Way. This song and video is a commercial for a Swedish Clothing line named MQ. The official website for this Clothing Line is http://www.mq.se/. Fanny's commercial clips was featured on this website from October to November of this year. The clothing line of MQ has an iTUNES PODCAST. Search PODCAST OF MQ in iTUNES and you will find "Backstage with Fanny Hamlin" which is a behind the scenes video of Fanny making the commercial along with singing the song Go Your Own Way. I hope that this information will be helpful.

    Thank you!

    Email: lisaplaymania@aol.com

    Source by: Play-Mania.com (playmaniafans.blogspot.com)

    Anyone or any Play (Swedish Band) fan who had archived the HQ versions of the BTS music video and song cover, please share and post them for download. Thx!


    There was a YouTube video of a 720p HD version that got shut down.

    Dead Link:

    And like I said from my last request post, I had it stored on my flash drive which got corrupted and was never able to recover it.
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