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    Hello everybody, if anyone have this videos in VOB quality (DVD) or Bluray, please share, those video are so difficult to have :oops::cry: thanks a lot.

    Hola a todos, si alguien tiene estos videos en calidad VOB (DVD) o Bluray, favor de compartir, estos videos son difíciles de encontrar, muchas gracias

    Kohmi Hirose (広瀬 香美) - Promise (Get Down) (ゲッダン)

    Monkey Majik - Change

    AAA - Sunshine

    AAA - Friday Party

    AAA - Blood On Fire

    Tommy February6 - Je T'aime Je T'aime

    Tommy February6 - Kiss Me One More Time

    Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome - Baito Fighter

    SWEET BLACK feat. MAKI GOTO / Queen Bee with BIGGA RAIJI

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