How to create a Request Thread (Tutorial)

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    Before doing anything regarding posting a new request thread you would need to FULLY search ShareMania using the search bar.

    Not a single member BUT the search bar knows exactly what has been posted here since the beginning. You just need to get acquainted with the search bar in order to get help in the best way possible.

    Please also consider searching for the file you want among the threads in either Video Mania Request section OR Audio Mania Request section taking into account if the threads have a [​IMG] prefix.


    In case you were unsuccessful in your search and may need to post a Request thread you should:

    1) Consider the kind of file your request hints to:

    A Video file or an Audio one

    Then please go to the respective request section as it can take longer for your thread to catch someone's attention if you request an mp3 file or a wav file in the Video Mania Request section (or vice versa: requesting the video of a live performance in the Audio Mania Request section can be exactly the same) -- Not to mention the chaos and untidiness in the forum in case such a mistake happens --


    2) Click on the respective button to create a new thread:




    3) Write the most summarized and to-the-point description of what you need in the "Thread Title..." section:

    Hinting to the quality and/or extension of the file, date of the performance or the release year of the album/single, name of the TV show... in the title of the thread you are about to create.


    It can also help if you start the title of your audio requests with [REQ AUD] and/or your video requests with [REQ VID] because they appear in the sidebar for the 20 most recent threads posted so far and can help a lot in catching someone's attention.

    For example:
    If you need Kesha's live performance and interview on Conan's late night TV show you'd better write:

    [REQ VID] Kesha - Interview - Late Night with Conan O'Brien (16.10.2013) HDTV 1080i

    OR if you happen to need Lady Gaga's Poker Face song in a lossless format:

    [REQ AUD] Lady Gaga - Poker Face Lossless FLAC
    [REQ AUD] Lady Gaga - Poker Face Lossless WAV
    [REQ AUD] Lady Gaga - Poker Face Lossless ALAC

    (Depending on the lossless audio file extension you'd like: FLAC, WAV or ALAC)

    or maybe

    [REQ AUD] Lady Gaga - Poker Face Lossless European CD Single

    In the box under the Thread Title... you can write in detail what you want to ask the member reading your request thread who might be able to help fulfill your request.

    You can also include any thumbnail or snapshot/screenshot of the live performance (in case the file you seek is a video) or the CD or Single cover (in case you're looking for a song/CD). It's not a must but it can definitely help if you happen to have a photo in order to best point to the file you are looking for.

    Please do not JUST write 'REQ' or 'REQUEST' in the thread in order to only mention the full file name in the main post or anything that it is you need, as it can definitely take longer to be fulfilled or catch someone's attention who may potentially be in possession of the file you're seeking.


    1) Please do NOT spam someone else's profile page with a lot of request posts asking for files;
    2) Please do NOT post multiple request threads for the same file over and over again (in case you do not receive an answer for a while) and feel like your request has gone unnoticed, you can bump (meaning reply under your own request thread) so that the thread comes up in the request section.
    3) ... ... ... ... updating/waiting for any suggestions... ...

    That is all I could think of regarding posting a request thread. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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