FLAC Hole - 1995-04-25, Amsterdam, NT (VPRO-FM) M *New Source - 2017*

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    NOTE: Despite CD images messing about here and there, this file is not from a CD.

    It is taken instead direct from a tape Master recording of the entire radio broadcast on the Dutch VPRO "Villa 65" FM, aired April 27, 1995.

    NOTE: Thread title should actually read, 1995-04-24.

    File uploaded to DIME torrents on the show's anniversary, April 24, 2017.

    Full-song audio samples from me way down below.

    -- Flipping amazing sound, and to have the whole FM recording.
    -- Ja, ja, ja!


    Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    April 24, 1995

    01. DJ intro (1:03)
    02. Plump (3:59)
    03. Beautiful Son (3:02)
    04. Miss World (3:26)
    05. Drown Soda (6:32)
    06. No, No, No (3:34)
    07. Asking For It (5:55)
    08. DJ intermission (1:09)
    09. "Courtney returns" (1:10)
    10. DJ outro (0:34)


    Total running time: 30 minutes and 24 seconds.

    Note: this is the complete show, as after just six songs, Courtney Love decided to stop playing and waded out into the audience attacking fans in an attempt to find the girl who had allegedly been throwing a glass of water and shouting:"You Killed Kurt!"

    Taken from the Dutch VPRO "Villa 65" FM radio broadcast, April 27, 1995.

    Source and lineage (taped and transferred by Magnix): FM > Tape > WAV > FLAC level 8

    Used software: CDWave v1.94.5 > Cool Edit Pro v2.00 > CDWave v1.94.5 > FLAC v1.2.1 as build in Traders Little Helper v2.2.2 (build 152).

    Another tape from the Magnix Live Archive.

    Disclaimer: Please note that this is a real FM capture, no cable, but straight from the airwaves. Also, this comes from a tape that was almost 14 years old at the time of transferring. This means that some FM and/or tape anomalies or degeneration may be present. Most has been fixed to the best of my abilities and most of this stuff is of very good quality.

    March 2009.

    This is the infamous Hole show at the Amsterdam Paradiso that took place exactly 22 years ago today!

    From what I can find only liberated bootleg CD versions of this show have been on this tracker. Here's a FM recording from a cassette tape from my collection, aired and taped just three days after the show. As noted below, there are some FM anomalies present, but this is a historic recording. So, "enjoy!"

    Uploaded to DIME on April 24, 2017 by Magnix.


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    Drown Soda
    No, No, No

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    Hole: 1994-1995 World Tour - from, "The 50 Greatest Concerts of the Last 50 Years" - Rolling Stone mag, 5/4/17.

    Don't look now cos you wont find it but the hole truth is never in plain site.
    From Dr. Winston O'Boogie: "You Should Have Been There."

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