FLAC Deep Purple - Shades of Deep Purple (Remastered) [HIGHRESAUDIO HRA 24bits/44.1kHz]

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    Info for Shades of Deep Purple (Remastered)

    „Shades of Deep Purple“ is the debut studio album by the English rock band Deep Purple, released in July 1968 on Tetragrammaton in the United States and in September 1968 on Parlophone in the United Kingdom. The band, initially called Roundabout, was the idea of former Searchers drummer Chris Curtis, who recruited Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore before leaving the project. The Mk. I line-up of the band was completed by vocalist/frontman Rod Evans, along with bassist Nick Simper and drummer Ian Paice, in March 1968.

    After about two months of rehearsals, Shades of Deep Purple was recorded in only three days in May 1968 and contains four original songs and four covers, thoroughly rearranged to include classical interludes and sound more psychedelic. Stylistically the music is close to psychedelic rock and progressive rock, two genres with an ever growing audience in the late 60s.

    The album was not well received in the UK, where it sold very little and did not chart. In the US, on the other hand, it was a success and the single 'Hush', an energetic rock track originally written by Joe South, became very popular at the time, reaching number 4 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The good sales of the album and the intense radio play of the single contributed largely to the attention Deep Purple would get in their early US tours and also during the 70s. Modern reviews of the album are generally positive and consider Shades of Deep Purple an important piece in the history of Deep Purple.

    Rod Evans, vocals
    Ritchie Blackmore, guitar
    Jon Lord, organ, backing vocals
    Nick Simper, bass, backing vocals
    Ian Paice, drums

    Recorded on 11–13 May 1968 at Pye Studios, London
    Engineered by Barry Ainsworth
    Produced by Derek Lawrence

    Digitally remastered

    FYI: We offer this album in its native sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. The provided 96 kHz version was up-sampled and offers no audible value!


    Artist : Deep Purple
    Album : Shades of Deep Purple (Remastered)
    Year : 1968
    Genre: Rock
    Composer: Various
    Quality : Flac HRA 24bits/44.1kHz
    Label: Warner Music Group
    Source : highresaudio
    HRA-Release: 19.05.2015
    Size : 489mb

    • 01 And the Address
    • 02 Hush
    • 03 One More Rainy Day
    • 04 Prelude: Happiness/I'm So Glad
    • 05 Mandrake Root
    • 06 Help
    • 07 Love Help Me
    • 08 Hey Joe
    Total Runtime 42:50

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