FLAC Christina Aguilera - My Kind Of Christmas [Qobuz CD 16bits/44.1kHz]

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    The second punch in a double whammy of stopgap releases in the fourth quarter of 2000, My Kind of Christmas appeared on the shelves two months after Mi Reflejo, Christina's Latin reworking of her debut album. My Kind of Christmas actually has more new material than Mi Reflejo, and Aguilera responds in kind, turning in passionate performances throughout the 11-song album. She can teeter on the edge of being too passionate, belting out when she should lay back, but the power of her voice, no matter how diva-esque she may be, remains remarkable; she needs to learn restraint, but she's clearly a better singer than her peers. Of course, My Kind of Christmas remains a holiday album, filled with covers of standards (from "Oh Holy Night" to "The Christmas Song" to "Merry Christmas, Baby") and a handful of obligatory new songs. None of the new songs are knockouts, but "Christmas Time" and "This Year" are pretty solid pieces of dance-pop, even if the marvelously titled "Xtina's Xmas" (easily the best name of any new holiday song of 2000) is a 90-second collage trifle that doesn't live up to its promise. But, hey -- filler is part of a holiday record, and there's actually not too much of it here. Instead, it's pretty tight, entertaining seasonal dance-pop. It may not add too much to Christina's catalog, but it does suggest that she may not be a mere one-album wonder.
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    Artist : Christina Aguilera
    Album : My Kind Of Christmas
    Year : November 2, 2000
    Genre: Pop
    Quality : Flac CD 16bits/44.1kHz
    Label: Released by RCA Records Label
    Source : Qobuz
    Size : 318mb


    01 Christmas Time
    02 This Year
    03 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    04 Angels We Have Heard On High
    05 Merry Christmas, Baby
    06 Oh Holy Night
    07 These Are the Special Times
    08 This Christmas
    09 The Christmas Song
    10 Xtina's Xmas (Interlude)
    11 The Christmas Song (Holiday Remix)

    • 1 disc - 11 tracks - Total length: 45m 22s
    • Main artist: Christina Aguilera
    • Performers: Alex Alessandroni, Composer - Alex Alessandroni, Keyboards - Alex Alessandroni, Lyricist - BabyBoy, Drum Programmer - BabyBoy, Keyboards - Brad Haehnel, Recording Engineer - Celebrity Status Entertainment, Inc., Arranger - Celebrity Status Entertainment, Inc., Producer - ChakDaddy, Programmer - ChakDaddy, Vocal Arranger - Chaka Blackmon, Composer - Chaka Blackmon, Lyricist - Chris Wonzer, 2nd Engineer - Christina Aguilera, Background Vocal - Christina Aguilera, Performer - Dave Pensado, Mixing Engineer - E. Dawk, Background Vocal - E. Dawk, Vocal Arranger - Endre Granat, Violin - Greg Cham, Coordinator - Kim Johnson, Background Vocal - Michael C. Ross, Vocal - Natalie Leggett, Violin - Ray Cham, Composer - Ray Cham, Lyricist - Roland Kato, Viola - Ron Fair, Arranger - Ron Fair, Composer - Ron Fair, Conductor - Ron Fair, Lyricist - Ron Fair, Producer - Ron Fair, Recording Engineer - Ron Fair, Vocal Arranger - Sol Suvivor, Drum Programmer - Sol Suvivor, Programmer - Sol Suvivor, Recording Engineer - Steve Erdody, Acoustic Cello - Steven Brown, Composer - Steven Brown, Lyricist - Tal Herzberg, Programmer
    • Label: RCA Records Label
    • Genre: Pop/Rock, > Pop/Rock→Pop
    • (P) 2000 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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