FLAC Buzzcocks - 1978-03-08, Top Rank Suite, Brighton UK (M)

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    Brighton, UK
    March 8th 1978

    Master cassette>Audacity>FLACer>here

    A stereo recording with an unknown machine. Two microphones on the balcony front row, dead centre.

    [Full online mp3 sample down below.]

    1. Breakdown
    2. Fast Cars
    3. I Don’t Mind
    4. Noise Annoys
    5. Autonomy
    6. Get On Our Own
    7. Sixteen
    8. Walking Distance
    9. Boredom
    10. Whatever Happened To?
    11. Moving Away From The Pulsebeat
    12. Fiction Romance
    13. Love You More
    14. Love Battery
    15. Oh Shit!
    16. What Do I Get?
    17. Time’s Up

    Total times: 52m 19s

    •Pete Shelley – guitar, vocals, keyboards•Steve Diggle – guitar, vocals•Steve Garvey – bass•John Maher – drums•

    Andy and Gary’s box-in-the-loft comes up trumps again. It’s looking a little depleted these days, but it does throw up the occasional pleasant surprise. This is one of them. First of all, this is NOT the infamous riot gig. That particular show took place later in the same year, in the same venue. We taped that show as well, but have subsequently lost the cassette. Ah, well, such is life.

    Decent recording, though. I hope you enjoy it.


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    Title: Buzzcocks, Brighton 1978, previously uncirculated
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    More than just a re-up: 2018-03-10

    per thisdayinmusic.com, wiki, the daily bleed [& mikedreams]

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    -- "Punk Diary: The Ultimate Trainspotter's Guide to Underground Rock 1970–1982": Founding band members Howard Devoto and Pete Shelley chose the name "Buzzcocks" after reading the headline, "It's the Buzz, Cock!", in a review of the TV series Rock Follies in Time Out magazine. The "buzz" is the excitement of playing on stage; "cock" is Manchester slang meaning "mate" (as in friend/buddy). They thought it captured the excitement of the Sex Pistols and the nascent punk scene.

    Devoto left the band in 1977, after which Pete Shelley became the principal singer-songwriter.

    Full online show, mp3 sample
    set to go with w/recommended listens to tracks 7,8,9

    PS Video new to me today:

    --Where was I?...

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    Never Mind The Time's Up, Here's The Buzzcocks

    ...And me, too.

    "Your time's up / And me, too."

    thewaymouth aka mikedreams on celebrating
    International Women's Day Week 2018 (03-08)

    Today's actual post day and date: Saturday, 2018-03-10

    ...It was 40 years ago today...

    Another Music in a Different Kitchen
    Studio album by Buzzcocks
    UK Chart Hit: 15, 11 wks
    Released, Friday, 10 March 1978


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